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5 Things You Should Know About Us


And we don’t hide it.

It’s the core of who we are… and the core of how we do business.


That will make a big difference for your family.

Whether refinancing or buying new, we’re now paying the first $500 of your appraisal fee. That's a lot of money that you would normally have to pay up front.
*Offer not applicable to Washington state residents and property.


And that's why our offer can be so good.

This is a big advantage that our big company connection affords us.  We get to make our own decisions with our own money.  For you, that means we can often get you a more competitive rate, move through your process quicker, handle a lot of paperwork and stress for you, and ultimately save you money. 


We simply share your options. And then you decide what's best for you.


We are

Faith. Family. 
and focused on you.

See how our advantages can save your family money and stress.

Refinancing Whizzes.

You should be paying less every month.



New Home Partners. 

Unique Option Experts.

Small team support. Big Direct Lender advantages.

Veterans. Cash-outs. Adjustable rates. 

We're a smaller, family-run division, which gives us the ability to be personal and very familiar with each customer we're helping.  Yet we're also an arm of a bigger company, that gives us the "mortgage power" to take the best care of you, and save you the most money.

Our unique mix is beneficial for you.



How could we help?

Make sure you pay the least amount possible for your new home?

Cash out some of your newly grown equity for a home project, debt or...

Save up to $200 extra every month with a Refinance?  

Hey friends. A quick note if we can.

Amidst these unusual and difficult times, one positive has arose — the reality that mortgage interest rates for most mortgage products have dropped to historically low levels. For you, that means that it could be a really special time for you as a family or individual to either refinance, execute a cash-out refinance, or purchase a new home. For us, it’s been awesome to see how much good we’ve been able to accomplish for families in recent days.

There is one other truth though and that’s the reality that we’re receiving an unusual amount of calls. And so, we wanted to be transparent about that current juggle. But please don’t worry. This is what we’re built to do – to help friends when the time is right. We will serve you and we will serve you well, in a pleasing amount of time.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and learning about your situation.

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